The Center for Advanced Research and Technology is a research center and service facility at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas that supports scientific research activities through its wide array of sophisticated characterization and processing instruments. UNT is among an elite group of public institutions nationwide that offer this complement of facilities.

In addition to UNT-affiliated researchers, CART collaborates with other universities and industries. Researchers use the more than two-dozen machines at CART to analyze materials from the micro to atomic level. Projects span numerous areas of expertise in disciplines such as engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, and biology and are at the cutting edge of cross-disciplinary analysis, characterization, and synthesis.


CART seeks to facilitate excellence in all engineering and applied science research activities by providing the technical infrastructure necessary to support these activities. CART encourages collaborative, interdisciplinary research and serves to catalyze these relationships, both across departments within UNT and with external centers and institutions in the region and state. CART’s vision is to actively develop and sustain competitive research programs in significant technology areas, build unique labs and cross-disciplinary collaborations, and continue to attract outstanding, multi-faceted R&D projects to UNT to grow its reputation as a leader among national research universities.